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celebrate your individuality and breakthrough to become your ‘greater self.’

Katrina Ferguson

Katrina Ferguson delivers a passionate, enthusiastic and entertaining message to both teach and encourage you to celebrate your individuality and breakthrough to become your ‘greater self.’ Her inspiring message is based upon lessons learned in her own breakthrough journeys. Ms. Ferguson is committed to helping others across the world apply these principles in their individual lives and relationships. In her unique, uncompromising style, she brings life changing principles and leadership skills to inspire and motivate thousands across age, gender and industry lines.

Featured in national publications, including Essence Magazine and USA Today, Ms. Ferguson has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews and her story is currently being used all over the country to train and motivate sales forces of both public and private organizations. She routinely shares the stage with company presidents and executives as she conducts trainings and presentations around the country and has spoken for several faith based organizations including the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas and Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Ms. Ferguson speaks from her experience and success in the traditional corporate fields of real estate, financial services and law, as well as her success as an entrepreneur having owned and operated several successful businesses, including a publishing company (publisher of the Amazon Best Selling books, Footnotes: a 31-Day Leadership Guide for Women and The Queens’ Legacy), retail establishments and a personal fitness studio. Her acute understanding and ability to inspire people has enabled her to excel in the network marketing industry.

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Utilizing customized presentations, a powerful stage presence, insightful delivery and fresh insight, Ms. Ferguson will entertain, train, and inspire your audience to new levels of enthusiasm and achievement.


Ms. Ferguson regularly conducts conference calls and training events for publicly traded companies, privately held corporations, entrepreneurs and faith based organizations. Ms. Ferguson encourages everyone to be passionate and uncompromising in ‘giving back’ to the community and celebrating their ability do so.


She has served as Chaplain for the WNBA Washington Mystics team, a member of the Board of Directors for the Women In Business Network of America (WIBNA) and the Founder and President of A Sister’s Love, a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to provide practical information, tangible and intangible tools to assist women and children in achieving while propelling them into greatness.


Her keen awareness that conflicting demands, resource constraints and shifting priorities are challenges that must be overcome for success in today’s global marketplace has placed her in constant demand as a presenter, motivator, and trainer of trainers by sales organizations across the nation.


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  • Changing your Mind and Changing your Life
  • Providing Access to Personal Development Materials
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